About me

I'm the PCS Union's Assistant General Secretary/General Treasurer. I have twice been elected as AGS and I believe this is because of my record in the union as someone who is articulate, able and committed and will at all times fearlessly stand up for our members. I first stood as a rank and file activist in 2004, was re-elected in 2009 and standing for re-election again and seeking the widest possible support from union representatives and members to nominate and vote for me.

I joined the civil service and the union in 1976 as a clerical assistant at Lytham Land Registry. Over the years I have gained a wealth of experience that has reinforced my belief in workers solidarity as our most powerful weapon against austerity.
I was a lay rep for over 30 years before being elected the first AGS of PCS in 2004. I was a branch rep responsible for one of the best organised branches in the union and I know first-hand the issues facing reps and members in the workplace.

As elected chair and lead negotiator in the Land Registry during the years of housing booms and slumps. I helped to win some of the best conditions in the public sector, including pay, promotions, job protection and workplace nurseries.

My record as an activist with over 30 years’ experience taught me the deep commitment of our members to providing quality public services. I know first-hand the issues facing members and reps in the workplace. As an experienced, strong, and skilful negotiator I can be trusted to stand up for your interests with Senior Civil Servants, government contractors and government ministers.