My Record

Since becoming AGS over 10 years ago alongside with Mark, Janice and the Democracy Alliance  NEC, together we have transformed the PCS into a trade union prepared to speak out for the vital public services our members provide and that fights for your interests wherever you work. A union that has won in challenging times important protections for PCS members, particularly in stopping compulsory redundancies, and continues to lead the fight against austerity.
Since becoming AGS, I have played a key role in the union and its disputes and I'm standing on a history of being a fighting socialist.

 My record as AGS includes:

Leading the fight against austerity

·         Helping turn the union into a campaigning body fully committed to defending jobs, pay and conditions and the services we provide, backed up with a leadership that combines a willingness to negotiate with a preparedness and capacity to fight.

·         I will continue to build support across PCS and with other public sector unions to end the divide and rule of so-called delegated pay. I have a proven record in fighting for action involving PCS and all public sector unions that can break the pay cap and secure pay justice for our members.

·         I have played a leading role in challenging the much discredited Performance Management and punitive sickness absence policies that have created such stressful conditions in the workplace. I will continue to direct support and resources to members who are targeted and lead a national fight for a fair and healthy work environment.

·         With your support I offer an alternative to Osborne’s spending cuts and all-out attack on the pay, jobs and conditions of our members

 Winning concrete gains for members

·         As an experienced, strong, and skilful negotiator I have shown that I can be trusted to stand up for your interests with Senior Civil Servants, government contractors and government ministers.

·         I have played a central role in leading and supporting members in the fight against privatisation and off-shoring. With my lead and support we stopped off-shoring in Hewlett Packard and Siemens/Atos. If elected, I am confident we can win protection for members in DEFRA/DWP/BIS shared services and stop the off-shoring plan in its tracks.

·         Contact centres often mean oppressive and stressful conditions for our members. I worked closely with DWP and HMRC members who won safeguards after taking action. We aim to build on the example set by these members and I am leading on a national campaign of all PCS members to establish decent standards in every contact centre where PCS members are employed.

·         Supported key campaigns in the DWP & HMRC that successfully fought for and defeated attempts to introduce compulsory redundancies

Championing Equality & Organising

·         I believe your union reps will testify to my commitment to equality rights, whether it is fighting discrimination, holding the employer to account on equality impacts, engaging members from a minority ethnic, disabled, LGBT background and fighting for affordable childcare. I played a leading role in securing workplace nurseries in the Land Registry and supporting our members in HMRC who successfully blocked plans to close workplace nurseries in their Group.

·         I established the PCS Young Members Network which has brought hundreds of young people into union activity and is one of the most vibrant of any trade union today.

·          Managers in PCS struggle because of deep cuts and impossible demands from Head Office. I have always recognised the multi-grade nature of PCS which is part of its strength. As AGS I was responsible for setting up a network for Professional and Senior Managers and will continue to make sure their voice is heard in PCS and in negotiations with the employer.

Managing the Union

·         As an experienced National Treasurer I have managed the union’s finances at a time of spending cuts and falling incomes, directly funding union work at local and group level, meeting escalating legal and personal case costs and all our campaign activities.

·          I have also been able to cut overheads and in order that PCS can fund the union at local and departmental level, support legal and personal cases and implement our vital campaigns to defend your conditions at work

·         I have overseen the setting up of a PCS Credit Union, one of very few unions to offer this benefit for members.